My song of the moment – Carley Ray Jepsen >> I really like You

carley ray
Needless to say the song is amazing. It’s the perfect song for that lady or gal u’ve been crushing on. Just lay this down on her at the right timing and u just may most likely hit it off with her. I know I will.

Check the audio-visual out featuring Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber below:


The Advantages of Internet Marketing

A lot of small businesses are realizing that if they want to play with the big boys they need to get out of the kiddie pool. The best and really only way to do that is to become familiar with internet marketing. That’s why having a guide to internet marketing is not only important, it’s essential to being successful in any kind of business.

First of all, what is internet marketing? Simply put, it is internet advertising, also referred to as e-marketing and e-commerce. It’s affordable, highly effective and a great way to take your small business to the next level.

However, internet marketing is not only helpful for your local neighborhood coffee shop for example, Internet marketing is being used by network marketers, entrepreneurs, home business owners and anyone else who wants to get their company name out quickly and efficiently from really anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.

This may seem daunting to tackle this internet marketing on your own, and without the right tools at your disposal it could feel overwhelming. As with anything though, if you understand the objective and find the appropriate tools it’ll be a lot easier to be successful.

First it’s important to understand the objective and advantages of internet marketing. One great aspect of online advertising is it involves search engines. This is essential since search engines are the only opportunities that you can promote your service or product direct to the consumers that are actively searching for it.

Another advantage for companies is that internet marketing provides a way to track your progress, through sales, promotions and daily advertising. It makes your marketing measurable which is highly valuable for a couple reasons. For one, you can see what is working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly. Secondly, you can target certain clientele making your marketing more focused and essentially more successful.

Another benefit of internet marketing is that you can use e-newsletters to help get new customers and to keep past customers informed and reminded of your services and products. This also makes it easier to platform new services and new products at a fraction of the price it would cost to send out flyers or traditional newsletters.

That leads us to our next advantage of internet marketing, reduction of overhead. Remember the days of having boxes of flyers all over the office, or worse, all over the house? Having to find a desperate college student who was willing to work for peanuts to hand them out and deliver them. Or when the only way to remind a client about your products or services was to literally get in front of them? Now with internet marketing that’s all a thing of the past.

As you can see there are several advantages to internet marketing and there’s even more that we didn’t even mention. So if you’re ready to have your business booming and busting at the seams, internet marketing is the first stop in making that dream come true.

How do you approach a lady you have been eyeing when she is with her girlfriend(s)

approaching a lady from her pack of friends

So I was wondering how do you approach a girl you have been crushing on or that you suddenly sight on a fateful day and want to chat her up bad but she is with her girlfriend or girlfriendssss. I don’t know if there’s a hard and fast rule to going about this but I can certainly say that just approaching the lady and ignoring her friends is likely not gonna score you pretty with her friends, and most likely would come off as rude, uncool and a turn off to even the girl you are trying to woo. So your best bet may be to carry her and her friends along with the conversation, whichever angle you wanna go at it from.

Perhaps it could start with meeting each of them by complimenting their outfits or getting to know their names, asking general questions such as the schools they both attended or perhaps if they’re studying the same course blah blah. Questions like that which are general in context should make things less awkward and difficult for you to relate with them. Then maybe if she is with two or more friends, that could be a blessing in the sense that should you dare to carry on the conversation with the damsel you are really after exclusively, after of course acknowledging her friends’ presence, then just maybe her lady friends would be cool to code what’s up and give you two some space by keeping themselves busy chatting away, even though they may be eavesdropping stylishly if they are not standing too far away from you and their friend, but that really shouldn’t be a bother. You know the ball is now in your court, and you gotta make it count with the lady and hopefully get her digits in the end just before you release her to her friends or before her girlfriends do the job for you and cut the convo between you two deliberately.

In another scenario, if you are damn sure you are gonna be seeing her again, then you may not necessarily ask for her number just yet, Just work your way into meeting with her first time, then you can make the move for her number the next time which should be relatively easier to get then. And if for some reason she doesn’t release it the first time, understand and don’t give up the chase too soon.

So that’s like my two kobo on the matter o. I imagine it could be awkward and a little tricky but as a sure boy you have to be confident and go for the chic, just being yourself and thinking on your feet spontaneously. Hopefully it turns out fine and you make a good impression in her books and her friends’ too.

And it just might be happily ever after in the end…………..Guy code.*wink*

A Fun Guide on How to Order !!

You didn’t describe the meal to us tho’


I went to a restaurant on Monday and during the long process of trying to figure out what to order, I almost gave up. But then it immediately occurred to me how important it is to be patient when you really want something.

Well that process inspired this fun guide to help you next time you find yourself in my situation.

IMG_9934Tip 1: Go through the menu.

Here I am checking out the menu !!

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We all love to be serenated with love songs especially from that ‘special someone’ (which happens to be the title of the number one song on my list) like the Mexicans do, but in the meantime, you can serenade yourself with these amazing African love song collection I compiled which I believe you would love. Check them out:

SARKODIE FT BURNA BOY AND AKA (Special Someone) – I especially liked Aka’s flow in the song. If you are a fan of fast rap, then this track will thrill you as Sarkodie and Burna did what they know to do best with their fast paced lyrics on the roll:

BECCA FT M.I (No Away) – The astonishing voice of the beautiful queen Becca complemented with Mr Incredible, M.I’s dexterity on the mic when he lays those verses down makes this love song ‘No Away’ beautiful to the hearing. Listen for yourselves:

WAJE (Oko Mi) – The solo performance by the talented songstress Waje on this track speaks volume of her as being one of the most delightful divas to come out of Nigeria. Her captivating voice on this song ‘Oko Mi’ which means ‘My Husband’ where she praises her dream man will leave you spellbound. Listen:

R2BEES FT BURNA BOY(Somebody Loves You)- Ghanaian music group R2bees and Nigerian sensation Burna boy thrill us with this good feel song, guaranteed to make every single lady out there ‘melt’. Feel on it:

FLAVOUR (I’m for real) – Flavour has been known for dishing out love songs such as the much loved Ada Ada song, and he didn’t disappoint with this very heart-touching one titled ‘I’m for real’. The video for the ballad is particularly exciting! Check on it below:

PASUMA FT TIWA SAVAGE(Ife) – A very unusual but welcome combination, Tiwa Savage and Pasuma wowed us with the beautiful love song ‘Ife’ meaning ‘love’. The chorus rendered in native language Yoruba was the highlight of the song. You will fall in love helplessly over and over again listening to it even if you don’t understand the lyrics That’s the power of good music. Check it out:

LIQUIDEEP(Still) – South Africa emanated soul and house music  sensation duo, Liquideep, who were popularly known for another soothing ballad titled ‘fairytale’ gave a heart rendering performance expressing the depth of their love in this song titled ‘Still’, which sure had a nice feel and rhythm to it. Listen and enjoy:


The list is pretty much inexhaustible. However, other notable songs worthy of mention and should totally be checked out as well include: Fairytale by  liquideep; Igi Orombo by Sean Tizzle feat Tiwa Savage; You Know by Lami feat M.I; Oluchi by Solid Star feat Flavour; Toh Bad by Niyola; Sweet Potato by Praiz feat Chidinma; Thief(Ole) by Simi; Kokore Ife by Gabriel Afolayan; For A minute by Waje; One Naira by M.I feat Waje; na the way you dey love me (remix) by Waje feat Sarkodie among others.

Let me know what you think of my compilation  and what other love songs Africa has had to offer in the past two to three years thereabout till date that literally lights up your world:)


LYRICS: I see fire by Ed Sheeran

Check out the lyrics to one of the stand-out songs of the year by the british singer and songwriter EdSheeran. Play and sing along! * . *

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brother’s souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin’s sons

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out father oh stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side high

And if we should die tonight
We should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time
Calling out father oh
Prepare as we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side

Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And i hope that you’ll remember me

Oh, should my people fall then
Surely I’ll do the same
Confined in mountain halls
We got too close to the flame
Calling out father oh
Hold fast and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side

Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire
Inside the mountains
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you’ll remember me

And if the night is burning
I will cover my eyes
For if the dark returns then
My brothers will die
And as the sky is falling down
It crashed into this lonely town
And with that shadow upon the ground
I hear my people screaming out

And I see fire
Inside the mountains
I see fire
Burning the trees
I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze

I see fire (fire)
Oh, you know I saw a city burning out
And I see fire (fire)
Feel the heat upon my skin
And I see fire (fire)
And I see fire
Burn auburn on the mountain side


Published by
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

5 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy (And 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent)

 This makes a whole lotta sense, and on the lighter side, point 8 under ‘what to rent’ was pretty funny. Talking about renting friends…….
  Things you should rent instead of buy​​I ​know​…ownership is 9/10ths of the law. It’s really nice to know something belongs to you. But does it always make sense? Financially? Not really. In fact, there are many things that you should rent instead ofbuy. Including some things you didn’t even know you could rent. Obviously there are also things you should buy, so let’s talk about all of it. Let’s start with what youshould be renting…

1. Your Home

Rent your house Buying a home is part of the “American Dream”. And there is nothing wrong with doing it…sometimes, but many times it doesn’t make sense. You’ve heard that renting is like throwing your money away. You may have heard that your home should be your biggest asset. Fortunately for you, neither one of those things are true. Sure, it’s great to buy your own home. It’s your home. You can feel proud to be a home owner and you can do whatever you will to the house, but wait until the time is right. The are plenty of times when renting makes the most sense. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it’s never a good idea. Here are a few times you should consider renting instead of buying:

  1. If you plan to move soon. This is a no-brainer, but it must be said. You aren’t wasting your money by renting, if you’re planning to move soon. It makes sense to rent for now. You can always buy later when you get where you’re going. Renting will be much less stressful for a temporary situation.
  2. If your market is inflated. A little inflation never hurt anybody, but some housing markets are insane. If your living in an area with extremely inflated housing prices, you can expect that bubble to pop eventually and you may be stuck with a mortgage twice the size of your house’s actual value.
  3. If you’re saving to buy a home. Don’t rush into a bad loan because you don’t have enough money for a down-payment. Just because you can find a “no money down” loan, doesn’t mean you should take it. The interest will eat you alive. It’s better to save for a while and make a large down-payment.
  4. If you don’t want to worry. Too often, we get caught up thinking that these decisions are only about the math and we forget that money is an emotional thing. If you don’t want to worry about maintenance or taking care of your own home, it’s perfectly fine to rent. Do what works for you.

I didn’t cover every single scenario that could possibly exist, but I did cover the most common ones. Just know that renting is an option. You’re not throwing your money away and you can always buy later.

2. Your Boat

Rent your boat A boat is a sinkhole for maintenance and repair costs. It almost always makes more sense to rent a boat, especially if you’re only using it a few times per year. Paying the docking fees, maintenance costs and repairs will be enough to make you consider renting a boat when you need it. If you do use it more than a few times throughout the year, consider getting together with a few families and co-owning a boat. This is common practice for private jets and yachts, but it’s worth considering for smaller purchases as well, like a pontoon boat or a speed boat. Everyone will benefit from sharing the cost of owning a boat and it will actually get used on more than a few 3 day weekends throughout the year. Exception: If you’re a fisherman (professional or “up-and-coming”), you may want to consider buying a boat. Small fishing boats are affordable and the maintenance costs are reasonable. You could consider this the exception to the rule, but if you aren’t fishing all the time, it could still be better to rent.

3. Your Tools

Rent your tools Obviously, if you’re a mechanic or a craftsman, buy tools. For the rest of us, it might make sense to rent them. There is no need to buy a tool for one project if you know you’re never going to use it again, no matter how cool you feel when you show it to your friends. Tools can be a sinkhole for your money, especially if you shop for tools, like you shop for groceries. Before any new tool purchase, you should ask yourself if you really need to buy it or if it would be better to rent it. Renting tools also gives you the option to insure them and not take on the responsibility of worrying about what happens if you forget that you super amazing laser-sight skill saw isn’t supposed to cut through steel. Home Depot and Lowe’s are just a couple of the places that offer tool rental.

4. Your Entertainment

Rent your entertainment Movies and video games are cheap to rent, but expensive to buy. How often do we buy a movie, only to watch it once? How often do we buy a $60 video game, only to beat it a week later and basically stop playing it? If you plan to watch the movie or play the game all the time, buy it. Otherwise, just rent it. If you must buy movies or video games, check out some Black Friday deals at electronics stores. Just wait for the crowds and the crazies to get their TVs and iPads, then leisurely stroll into the store, several hours later, and take advantage of the cheap movies and games that often get overlooked. But that’s only if you must buy. With places like Game Fly, NetFlix and RedBox, you really should be renting.

5. Your Sports

Rent your sports From water skis and snowboards to tennis rackets and scuba gear. If you’re not using it all the time, consider renting. I know, your arsenal of sporting gear from every recreational activity ever invented may look cool, but it’s wasting your money. And while it will save you some money, it also won’t clutter your garage and your storage room. Generally when you’re close to the sunny lake or the snowy slopes, you can find a place to rent some gear; however, shop around, because the places right next to all the recreation are usually the most expensive. Just driving a few miles outside of the area could easily save you half (or more) on the price of your sports equipment. Just always be sure to read the policy on “return condition” and what happens if something breaks.

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent

OK, I admit, you may have actually know about some of these, but if you knew about all of them, you should really find a hobby. Here are 10 things you may want to consider renting that you probably didn’t know you could…

1. Dresses

With sites like Rent the Runway and Lending Luxury, it’s easy and affordable to rent a dress instead of buying it. In those times when you’re only going to wear it once, why let it take up the closet space?

2. Textbooks

Go to Book Renter or Chegg to find cheap textbooks for rent. Book Renter even offers free shipping. Renting text books makes sense most of the time, since you’re likely never going to open the book again after your class is over.

3. Camera Lenses

Lens Rentals and Borrow Lenses allow you to rent camera lenses. It’s great for one-time needs. You can also use them to try out an expensive lens before you fork over the money.

4. Parking Spaces

Just Park lets you search for parking spaces in crowded cities and rent them straight from the site. If you have extra space in a busy city, you may want to consider putting your parking space up for rent.

5. Caskets

Yes, you can rent a casket. Funeral homes now provide many options to save people money…this is one of them. How does it work? The body is placed in a simple wooden box, then placed inside a fancy, expensive casket for the funeral. Once the funeral is over, the body is buried in the simple wooden box. Weird? Or convenient? You decide.

6. Dogs

Usually, this is just weird. However, there are time when it makes sense. Borrow My Doggy allows you to rent a dog when you need a companion. If you really need a companion, you may just want to buy a dog, but you do have the option to rent if the need arises. You pay an annual subscription fee to be able to search the list of available dogs and schedule your “Welcome Woof”.

7. Wives

This is borderline sexist and technically, you’re not actually “renting a wife”. Rent-A-Wife is a maid service that claims to let you “rent a wife”, but it’s really just a hired hand…that happens to only be women. Yeah, I’m not sure why that’s OK either.

8. Friends

This may sound sad at first, but it’s actually a neat idea. Rent a Friend lets you rent someone to attend an event with you, introduce you to new people or just to hangout. It’s different, but now there is a little part of you that wishes you came up with the idea. (It may be a really tiny part of you)

9. Jeans

One trend that’s becoming especially popular in Europe, according to The Wall Street Journal, is jean rental. Right now, you can rent jeans on a 12-month lease. You simply put down 20 euros as a deposit and then pay 5 euros a month until your lease is up. Then you can either buy them for an additional 20 euros, exchange them for another pair or simply return them.

10. Christmas Trees

If you want a real tree for Christmas, but you don’t want to mess with driving to the farm, chopping it down and loading it on top of your freshly washed SUV, you can just rent one. The Living Christmas Company will let you rent one of their trees and they will deliver it right to your home. The tree remains potted, so you’re required to water and care for it. As long as the tree is still green and healthy when they pick it up, you get your deposit back.

Things You Should Buy

Now to steer away from renting wives and caskets. Here’s some less weird stuff. If you see the words “rent-to-own”, you should run away. Don’t do it. Renting to own is a great way to pay at least triple the normal price. Here are 3 things that people often get sucked into renting to own:

1. Furniture

Never rent-to-own furniture. You pay “new” prices, except you keep paying…every month. It’s better to finance new furniture (though that’s not the best idea either) than buying from a rent-to-own store. It’s best to buy slightly used. Let someone else take the massive depreciation that happens in the first few months of owning new furniture.

2. Washer/Dryer

Don’t do it. You’re better off shopping in the classifieds or on Craig’s List for a nice used set, rather than paying 10 times the price to rent one. If you must have a brand new set, it’s usually better to just go buy them, but not from a rent-to-own store.

3. Electronics

Don’t rent-to-own, just own. Shop around to find the best deals, but renting to own is not the way. On top of the high prices, what happens when that TV or stereo stops working? They aren’t going to pay for it, you are. There are too many great places to buy electronics to settle for renting to own. There are things you should rent and things you should buy, but most importantly, do your research. Figure out which one makes more sense for you and your situation. If you are thinking about buying something, first ask yourself if it could and should be rented.

Lifehack by Kalen Bruce

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Where do I begin, is it from the ‘sick’ production of Legendury Beatz or the passionate delivery by Mr Ice Prince Zamani, the tune is definitely going on my 10 top list of Naija hits for the outgoing year 2014, and I am proud to share this musical ingenuity with you if you haven’t stumbled upon it already. By the way the song, which was inspired by a true story centered around love and heartbreak, sees Ice Prince referencing some very popular couples in the industry to buttress the song theme. Also, I heard the video might be dropping today, 27th November, 2014, don’t quote me tho’. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and I’m sure hoping the video complements the audio. Mixed and mastered by City Monsta and Phaze Hop, this emotional feel good music I must emphasize will WOW you. Listen, Enjoy and share! *.*

A Rap Song titled ‘Tiwa Savage’ by AQ [MUSIC]

Tiwa_Savages_studio_portrait-copyNow I stumbled upon this musical piece on, which is sort of like an ode(lyrical poem) where a certain rapper called AQ pours his heart out on  his music industry crush Tiwa Savage, who he was hoping he would land as his wifey someday. He raps about how he first met with her and how he nurtured his mission to woo her, but it didn’t all work out. He did his self-esteem no good, in my opinion when he mentioned in one of his lines that he couldn’t possibly impress a lady like her.

The song produced by BeeDee and co-produced by Beats by Jayy, had a touch of Asa(the songstress) in it, which sounded cool but probably unnecessary, but the chorus in my opinion was nothing to write home about to put it mildly, LOL. But I guess, he wasn’t planning to go commercial with the song, so I can forgive him for that. I gotta give him kudos for at least coming out and expressing his thoughts  and advice about the delectable Mrs Billz, I do hope Mr Billz appreciates his woman as much as this dude, AQ, does, for his own good and hers. Listen and share with the link below:

b'cos we never truly stop learning….

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