Life Lessons I took away from ‘Think Like A Man Too’

think like a man toophoto credit: flickr

Apart from the humor and laughter the movie  Think Like A Man Too lavished me so well with, it also taught me some valuable life lessons which I would love to share with you…

1) It  taught me to always put first relationships, to be more elaborate, relationships between love birds , before any major career, business or any other life changing decisions. My point is one should make it a point of necessity to talk about and reach a mutual agreement on any significant issue that could severe the relationship in the long run such as a location splitting between you two. This however, in my opinion, should be reasoned out wisely and thoughtfully because such opportunities might not come around again for all we know…dicey one i hear you say eh!

2) It also taught me that one should not dwell on the negative  past of your partner and using it to judge their present, especially if  your man/woman has re-assured you that he/she has turned a new leaf. The onus then lies on you to trust your partner and enjoy your relationship with him/her, except of course he/she then gives you a concrete reason to question their ‘repentance’.

3) Another moral of the story I picked up, especially with reference to fathers and mothers, to accept the situation and circumstances under which your son or daughter may have chosen who they want to spend the rest of  their life with, and drop the unreasonable sentiments.  Perhaps, the only exception should be when there is a life threatening situation, or perhaps a religious (biblical) pertinent reason(for the spiritually-minded ones)  involved that might back up your being against their union.

4) And finally, on a lighter note, and this one’s inspired by Mr ‘Turn it up’ himself, Kevin Hart, always do well to double check the amount you are paying for to reserve a holiday getaway room so that you don’t have to go desperate and borrow some money from your buddy or bet all your life savings to pay up for the deficit, even though you might be silly lucky to win the bet. Also, don’t undervalue any note or denomination  of seemingly lower value, particularly when placing a bet cos that  just might be your joker to your jackpot! Lol….

And that’s that for that. Let me know your thoughts if you have seen the movie as well, and for those who haven’t, you should go check it out when you can. Adieu!


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