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How do you approach a lady you have been eyeing when she is with her girlfriend(s)

approaching a lady from her pack of friends

So I was wondering how do you approach a girl you have been crushing on or that you suddenly sight on a fateful day and want to chat her up bad but she is with her girlfriend or girlfriendssss. I don’t know if there’s a hard and fast rule to going about this but I can certainly say that just approaching the lady and ignoring her friends is likely not gonna score you pretty with her friends, and most likely would come off as rude, uncool and a turn off to even the girl you are trying to woo. So your best bet may be to carry her and her friends along with the conversation, whichever angle you wanna go at it from.

Perhaps it could start with meeting each of them by complimenting their outfits or getting to know their names, asking general questions such as the schools they both attended or perhaps if they’re studying the same course blah blah. Questions like that which are general in context should make things less awkward and difficult for you to relate with them. Then maybe if she is with two or more friends, that could be a blessing in the sense that should you dare to carry on the conversation with the damsel you are really after exclusively, after of course acknowledging her friends’ presence, then just maybe her lady friends would be cool to code what’s up and give you two some space by keeping themselves busy chatting away, even though they may be eavesdropping stylishly if they are not standing too far away from you and their friend, but that really shouldn’t be a bother. You know the ball is now in your court, and you gotta make it count with the lady and hopefully get her digits in the end just before you release her to her friends or before her girlfriends do the job for you and cut the convo between you two deliberately.

In another scenario, if you are damn sure you are gonna be seeing her again, then you may not necessarily ask for her number just yet, Just work your way into meeting with her first time, then you can make the move for her number the next time which should be relatively easier to get then. And if for some reason she doesn’t release it the first time, understand and don’t give up the chase too soon.

So that’s like my two kobo on the matter o. I imagine it could be awkward and a little tricky but as a sure boy you have to be confident and go for the chic, just being yourself and thinking on your feet spontaneously. Hopefully it turns out fine and you make a good impression in her books and her friends’ too.

And it just might be happily ever after in the end…………..Guy code.*wink*